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Customer Support​

1016 Park Summit Blvd.

Apex, NC 27523

Phone: 919.201.1639



  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Capture
  • Data Mining
  • Date Migration
  • Data Cleansing
  • Database Management
  • Digital Marketing Support

The Process:

  • Continually source new leads for specific research applications
  • Prioritize the accounts in order of importance with the client
  • Model generation, variable screening and cluster methodology
  • Standardize the data sets at the beginning of the project
  • Daily data mining, source and query the LabContacts database
  • Merge the data sets rebuild the missing data
  • Data cleansing remove duplicate and invalid contacts
  • Verify, enrich and validate the active contacts 
  • Step by step data migration for each targeted account
  • Export the new leads to our clients database weekly
  • Provide weekly activity reports